Rules of the SEO Wix challenge

This contest was created by Wix to prove to the whole world that they were wrong about the quality (from an SEO point of view) of the websites generated by the platform. Having never used Wix, I have absolutely no point of view on the question (but, from memory, I have never seen Wix websites having interesting positions on the keywords I watch). Time is come for Wix to prove me that I am wrong !

Defeat the enemies

The objective of this event is to finish in pole position on the keyword "SEO HERO". The particularity of this contest compared to the previous ones is that the participants, in addition to having to fight each other, have a common enemy: Wix (who holds the first place on this request since the beginning of the contest).

Some rules have been created to limit the various slippages and abuses of certain candidates. Any rule not followed is subject to disqualification so be careful ! #dontbeevil

Rule n°1 : Domain name registration

The domain name has to be registered on or after November 16, 2016. You also have to check that your domain name is new and was not previously registered by someone else few years ago.

Rule n°2 : Google Guidelines respect (#lol)

Your website must be created and promoted in compliance with the Google Guidelines (accessible here : Well... Should I say something about this ? It seems to me that this is going to be complicated. Any SEO action that is going to be set up already goes against these rules. I mean, Google guidelines explicitly prohibits any participation in link schemes.
And what is a link scheme ? "Any links intended to manipulate PageRank [...] may be considered part of a link scheme".
Even if I am not SEO, I know that for ranking, a page need links. SO that's going to be really complicated...

So what ? Ranking with content only ? Why not. But what about if a competitor send us a blast (some billions of dirty links right in our face) ? Are we automatically disqualified because of someone else ? I'm really looking forward to have some answers about this point.

Rule n°3 : Content is king in english

Sorry for every non english native. Find your best online traductor and prepare your copy/paste command.

Rule n°4 : Website must not contains violent content


Rule n°5 : Opening accounts in Google Analytics and Google Search Console to the moderator

Ok. I guess this is to check if someone is cheating or something. Why not.

Rule n°6 : Each participant should create one link to with anchor "seo hero"

Ok. Done.

I think I listed here pretty much all of the important rules of this SEO contest. If you want to read the complete text, feel free to go to the official rules document.


Niveau CM2